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White Sales is introducing a revolutionary new idea to drivers across the U.S.A and Canada who have to apply tire chains

RJ White Sales are introducing a revolutionary new idea to drivers across the U.S.A and Canada who have to apply tire chains.  This new patent pending tool is called the Chain Application Tool/ C.A.T., provides drivers an easy time-saving way to apply truck chains.

The tool consists of a bar, three pigtails that have hooks on the ends and a lever that releases the middle pigtail.This tool is simple, convenient and easy to use on single or dual drive trucks when applying 3 or 2 rail truck chains.


Step 1:
Unhook the pigtail on the outside tire. 

Step 2:
 Grab the pigtail between the dual tires and pull the lever on the end of the tool.  This releases the center pigtail. Now pull the center pigtail up to the center rail can be hooked together.  The center pigtail will be taken off the center rail and put back onto the toll later.

Step 3:
Pull back the inside pigtail hooked to the inside rail producing slack in the pigtail.  The pigtail is then unhooked from the chain rail allowing the rail to be hooked together.

Step 4:
Then hook the rail together on the outside of the tire. Once all 3 rails are connected, pull the C.A.T. out of the wheel.  Use the cam tighteners, and tighten the outside rail. Cross tighteners may now be connected.

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Chain Application Tool

When applying chains to dual drive trucks, the tool is inserted through the holes in the wheels at the 3 o’clock position.  The chains are placed behind the tires and rig is pulled ahead or when the tool is placed at the   9 o’clock position the chains are in front of the tires for the front drivers and the truck is backed up.  The tool is placed at the   9 o’clock position for the front drivers and 3 o’clock for the rear drivers. You will hook each pigtail hook to each rail of the tire chain. Once you have hooked the 3 pigtail hooks to the tire chain, pull the rig forward slowly so the chain will follow around the tire stopping when the tool is back in the 3 o’clock to 1 o’clock position and the process is the same for the front drivers, backing up to pull the chain around the front drivers stopping at the 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock position. Once the chain is pulled around the tire, the next 4 steps are easy:

This tool also works on 2 rail trains

Tire after our snow chain application tool put chains on it
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